Partnerships and Generous Support Save Lives and Create Hope!

Our strategic partners, ambassadors and volunteers work with us, in collaboration, across the Northern Sydney community to ensure that young people are fully engaged and are raised to an equal level of opportunity.

  • BEN Volunteers – over 60 volunteers  generously giving their valuable time and support each year! 
  • BEN Ambassadors inspire and create incredible change in the lives of our youth, thank you!

                     Guy Leech

                     Joy Yates

                     Aaron “Losty” Robinson

                    Michael Regan

  • Corporate Investors and Businesses partners to make an enormous difference – every dollar and volunteer makes a different no matter how small, thank you!

BEN relies on the generosity of their partners, investors, volunteers and Ambassadors to support the delivery of responsive and inspiring programs and services that address the needs of vulnerable young people within our local communities.

Join our programs, donate, volunteer and/or Partner with us today to make a different to young people in your community

Every Partnership Counts!

A partnership can be valuable in so many different ways, some examples of our partnerships include:

  • Volunteering a few hours of time to engage with our students at Ingleside who are making a difference to their lives through vocational training, mentoring, coaching and being guided by our Youth Case Workers.
  • Funding the renovations of our training and counciling facilities,
  • Funding Entrepreneurial training programmes or outsourced materials for local school programmes delivered as extra curricular activities to young students with different learning needs,
  • Creating a new service or community initiative such as our Moari Mentoring program (refer to our community partnership page) and working with BEN to provide this resource to the community,
  • Funding of office equipment
  • Subsidising marketing for fundraising campaigns for young people,
  • Organising donation drives or supportive services amongst your employees.

Every partnership counts to BEN.

Every partnership helps to inspire and make positive change happen for our youth.

Partnerships save lives and create hope!

Our recent partners include:

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