There are lots of ways to get involved and support a brighter future for our local young people. We organise regular fundraising and specific appeals to support specific projects but we need just as much In Kind Support as we do financial support! Many of our partner school request support in planned workshops and sessions in which the community engage with young people to share experiences, knowledge and expertise and in some cases, work experience and then a job!

But as much as young people all learn differently – we all give differently!

Some examples of what financial contributions to the BEN can achieve include;

$50              Can support a young person with an updated Resume and portfolio

$100            Can provide a young person with a “Ready-Set-Work” pack with boots and a fluoro shirt

$150            Can provide a young person with accredited WHS training to get them “JOB READY”

$200            Gives breakfast across a 30 week programme to young people who don’t get breakfast at home 🙁

$500             Provides a young person with a tablet and apps to get them better connected with study

$1,000         Can provide mentoring training for a local business person – assisting to support a young person with employment and transition focused support

$1,500          Places 10 students into work experience so they understand first hand the world of work!

$3,500        Can provide a planned “Work Inspiration” workshop for around 150 –  15 year old students to inspire them into their career pathways

$5,000        Can provide coordinated industry tours for 60 students to various local businesses so they gain a stronger feeling for the world of work

$10,000      Delivers parenting sessions across the region to help parents better understand the options to help their kids

$15,000       Gets a class of young people a Certificate I level training certificate!

$70,000       Will get us a bus! to assist in transporting our students around the region!

$150,000     Gets 40 students accredited training, work place preparation, work experience, case management and mentoring in the workplace for a year!!!


There are lots of options to support us – Workplace Giving, Donations as part of your Christmas Shopping or even booking your next holiday! Or you can just donate directly to us!

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